Be.Fresh Lettuce

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      The be.fresh program is a complete farming activity that supports the Nutrition Education Department by supplementing school served menus.  It actively maintains five irrigated acres plus a large greenhouse at the District Office complex.  Students are hired for all phases of farm production.  The program started in 2010 under the name Veggie Express.  Various garden crops were grown and included in school menus throughout the year.  The harvest was also sold to subscribers, employees at the School District Offices and their families, who received regular shares of fresh produce.

      The program was renamed in unity with the boundless education charter academies resident at the District Complex. 

      The total harvest of all crops goes to be served with the meal service in District schools.  Produce during the summer harvest will go towards the summerfeeding programs provided by the District, but excess will be available for sale through several venues.  Some may be sold to District employees or to the general public through Farmers markets. 


Student positions are open to all District students who meet minimum requirements, but are generally brought in from existing FFA programs associated with our high schools.  Workers get plenty of hands-on training in current farming practices, from operating heavy equipment to manual harvesting.


Chisels, springtooth harrow, lister, former, shaper, cultivator…  Learn more about these when you participate in the Farm to School program, be.fresh!

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