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 be.fresh Honey – That’s something you will see more of soon!

From a single hive in late August, 2014, the bee program at be.fresh promises to be a major production in just a few months.  That hive was already split and a new queen was fostered.  Cole Dutter, Nutrition Education Department Ag Supervisor and Bee CO-OP lead, is excited about bees and is working hard to expand the program.

We have secured a major grant to bring up to 70 or more hives to MUSD, along with honey harvesting and pasteurizing equipment to support the use of our locally grown honey within the School Nutrition program and for local sale in the near future.

Once fully implemented, Cole expects the program will be able to provide pollination service for three different crops.  This will be a major source of income to the program in addition to honey sales.

Langstroth, Top-bar, beeswax, pollination, “nuc,” varroa mite…  Learn more about these terms by getting involved with the be.fresh Bee CO-OP at Manteca Unified School District.

Checking the Hive

Cole inspecting hive

Pulling Honeycomb

Cole inspecting hive



Bees Harvest

Students Steph Cross, Andrew Creighton, Kaycee Jacobsen, Gabby Ortiz inspecting hive


Group of students working with bees

Students Steph Cross, Andrew Creighton, Kaycee Jacobsen, Gabby Ortiz

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