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Find resources - Nutirition information & planning guides, links to grants, training and technical assistance and research.

Grow a whole orchard of fruit in your back yard - in just a couple of trees!

East Union FFA is selling Fruit Cocktail Trees!  Trees that have multiple buds of varied fruits, perfect for yards with limited space.

Choose Peach Party 5-in-1, Cherry Bomb 4-in-1, Fruit Splash 5-in-1, Plum Blast 5-in-1, Wacky Apple 4-in-1 and more!


Cost is $26.00    Payment- Cash or Checks made out to Greentree Nursery


Order forms are due by September 8th.  Delivery will be in mid-December, trees will come dormant (asleep) and bare root (in a bag with moist sawdust).


Contact East Union Ag Teacher Kristen Buck


CLICK HERE for more info on trees & use THIS FORM to order your trees!


Manteca Farm to School 

Join our efforts to connect Manteca USD schools with local & regional food growers in order to serve farm-fresh produce in our schools! We promote hands-on learning activities such as school gardening, farm visits, and culinary classes in addition to the integration of food-related education into regular standards-based classroom curriculum.

Check back regularly to learn more about our programs and general Farm2School activities!

Using Gardens to Grow Healthy Habits in Cafeterias, Classrooms, and Communities

USDA Farm to School Planning Toolkit

Get FREE wild flower seeds to feed our BEES - courtesy makers of CHEERIOS!

Thanks to General Mills for the seeds.  The offer expired after giving away over 10 times their original goal of 100 million seeds.  Keep planting!


Look at what General Mills is doing to help conserve habitats


Sectional FFA Opening/Closing Contest

Congratulations to the 18 Sierra-Manteca FFA students who competed in the 2016 Sectional FFA Opening/Closing contest on Wednesday, September 28.  The Officer Team received Gold and was awarded Outstanding Officer Team.  Open Teams "A" and "B" both also received Gold. 

File Manager -> SHS_ffaCrop.jpg


Special notice!
Manteca Unified School District receives California Golden Seed Harvest Award!
Allie Hoffman, of CAFF Farm to School / California Farm to School Network writes,
“Your program is truly the gold standard of what farm to school can be and we know that you'll inspire other districts/schools with your success......
"We will be publicly recognizing winners at the California Farm to School & Garden Conference, to be held in Modesto March 27th – 29th, 2017!"


 Check our Helpful Handout page to get some tips on your own school garden!